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When builders partner with an interior designer, they can rest assured that everything in the home will be well planned and equipped with the finishes that will let the home shine!

Why would a builder need an interior designer?

Whether you are building from the ground up or doing a remodel on a home, working with a designer quite simply makes your life and your client’s life easier. Working with customers and clients can be a daunting task for any builder. Clients expect their contractors to be aware of every option available to them and to offer designs that exceed their expectations. By offering design services to your clients, you are giving them immeasurable value. An interior designer’s job is not simply to make a room pretty, they also bring much planning to the table. When the designer and building team collaborate on the front end, that’s when the design magic can truly happen.

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What is included in the service?

Generally I start at the beginning of the building process, sometimes as early as the architectural stage. I work with the client through every aspect of the building, helping them with design options through completion.

What is the price for the service?

Pricing: I can get paid either by the builder or the homeowner. A builder and I can decide on a design fee up front for the whole job. I can also work independently with the clients and charge them an hourly fee. 

Review from Kim T.

"If you are looking for a fabulous interior designer, look no further than Maryanne at Bella M Interiors. In 2018 we decided to remodel a large portion of our 20 year old home. We installed new hardwoods, gutted and remodeled our kitchen, a large laundry room and a full bath; Maryanne was there from the beginning. At our first meeting, I shared with her my vision of what I hoped my home would look like and she was able to help me realize that vision. She was involved in every design aspect of these rooms, everything from picking out cabinet colors, quartz countertops, tiles, faucets and sinks, door/drawer pulls and lighting. During the entire process, she was always thinking of what I wanted and how I wanted my home to look. Not only did she help with the rooms that we remodeled but she helped bring my  home together with a cohesive look by helping me with interior paint colors,  new draperies and rugs as well as some new furniture pieces and art work. She was always giving me great ideas on how to make my home look its very best. Maryanne has a great eye for color and design and she’s very professional and wonderful to work with!  We still have  two  rooms that need to be remodeled; my husband and I were so pleased with all that Maryanne did for us that we wouldn’t think about asking anyone other than her to help us with our future renovation."

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

What advantages does a builder have when working with a designer?

Working with a designer allows the contractor to remain focused on completing their projects without getting wrapped up in the smaller, though important details. Also, contractors are always looking for opportunities and by working with an interior designer, a contractor can leverage their valuable relationship with a design professional. Working with an interior designer provides multiple opportunities for contractors to improve and grow their business.

Do homeowners like working with an interior designer?

Yes! The interior designer helps guide the homeowner through the hundreds of decisions needed for the project to stay on budget and on time within the build cycle, to keep the project profitable. It is a win-win for all involved!


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