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Virtual or In-Home Color Consultations

Color is a very essential element when decorating your home. Surround yourself with the right color and you can find yourself inspired, relaxed, energized and even rested. Finding the right color can sometimes be daunting. A color consult can help ease the process and help you create the home of your dreams!

Virtual Consult:

An online, FaceTime appointment which will determine the colors that will look best for your home decor. Before our appointment, I will ask you to fill out a short questionnaire and send me a few pictures of the room or rooms we will be working on. During our time together, we will FaceTime so that I can see the room “in person” and we will pick the perfect colors for your home.

In-Home Consult:

I will come to your home with all my color swatches. I will look at the flow of color thought out your home, and help you create an aesthetically pleasing space with color.

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What is included in the service?

After our color consultation, you will have concrete color choices to be able to start your project. You will have a personalized color plan for a single room or an entire home. You will know the paint choice, sheen, and many other tips on how to get the paint look you are trying to achieve; from walls, trim, ceilings and more!

What is the price for the service?

Pricing: $150.00 for a session. Generally a color consult takes about an hour of your time.

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Review from Erin A.

"I recently had the pleasure of a virtual consultation with Maryanne after building our first home in Texas. Having little knowledge of paint colors and accents, as well as textures and styles, I found Maryanne to be very knowledgeable and patient with me. She spent a good deal of time listening to me to determine my likes and dislikes. I was very pleased with how she used what mismatched furniture I already had and with a little help of some decor ideas or updating of specific pieces, she was able to help me furnish and decorate our brand new three bedroom, and we couldn’t be happier."

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I will love this color?

Color is a very individual expression. It creates emotions every time you walk into the room. I always share with my clients that it is very important to experiment with the color before you paint all the walls. I encourage them to buy a quart of the paint, and to either paint the wall itself or a piece of cardboard (2 feet by 3 feet), in 3 or 4 different areas of the room. By doing this you will get a feel of what the color will look like in the space. I then tell them to leave it for a week. Lighting can dramatically affect a paint color. The color will look different at different times of the day and in various lighting scenarios. Every time you walk into the room over that week, you will have a reaction. By the end of that week you will know if you love it or not!

How many colors should I use in my room?

A good rule of thumb is three. The Primary color will be 60% of the room (think wall color). The Secondary color will be 30% of the room ( think fabric colors). And the last 10% is the Accent color ( think candles or pillows). Ex. Sage walls, Gray couch, Cream accents, will bring a very serene room.

What sheen of paint should I choose?

The kind of sheen you decide is almost as important as the color of paint you chose. The sheen will change how the color appears on the wall. Semigloss and gloss finishes reflect the most light and create a depth and richness to the color. A Flat sheen absorbs light creating a color that looks more dry. Walls with many imperfections need a flat paint to help hide those imperfections.

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