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Single room/Multi-room Redesign Consultation

Whether you want to change the look and appearance of just one room, or do a multi-room renovation, a redesign is making a change to the appearance and/or function of the room or rooms in your home. These changes could be with the furniture and accessories that you already have or making some different choices all together. This could include changing colors, fabrics, furniture, accessories, moving walls, and even working with a builder. It might entail simply changing the look by repositioning the furniture, to gutting the room and starting from scratch.

Why would a person need a redesign consultation?

Making changes in your home, whether it just be to one room, where you just want to change the furniture placement and some accessories, or doing a whole home renovation, where you are taking down walls and starting from scratch, can be daunting. Partnering with a professional can guide you in the right direction and help you navigate all the many decisions that need to be made, and can reduce the number of mishaps that can be made.

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What is included in the service?

With any of my redesign consultations, it is really centered around my client’s needs. Some clients will only need me for one visit to provide them ideas and suggestions of what should be done to a room. Another client will need services for an extended period of time to include all aspects of a renovation. This includes meeting with builders, tile, cabinet, flooring choices, lightning needs, paint colors, window treatment, and any other components that go into a renovation.

What is the price for the service?

Pricing: Since redesign is a highly individual service, pricing is also very individual. My pricing generally comes out to $100.00/hr. When working for an extended period of time with a client, I send an invoice at the end of every month.

Review from Erin A.

"I recently had the pleasure of a virtual consultation with Maryanne after building our first home in Texas. Having little knowledge of paint colors and accents, as well as textures and styles, I found Maryanne to be very knowledgeable and patient with me. She spent a good deal of time listening to me to determine my likes and dislikes. I was very pleased with how she used what mismatched furniture I already had and with a little help of some decor ideas or updating of specific pieces, she was able to help me furnish and decorate our brand new three bedroom, and we couldn’t be happier."

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

I am ready to change a room in my home, where do I start?

A client starts with one element of the room. For me, oftentimes it is either a color for the walls or a fabric that I love. Whatever you have picked out, use that to build your room around.

What is the easiest change I can make to a room?

The easiest and least expensive project that has the potential to change the whole look of a room, is color! You can buy a few gallons of paint and in a weekend can take a boring, old room and give it new life!

Can changing the placement of furniture really change a room?

Simply put, YES! Quite often furniture is placed up against all the walls in a room, making the room unappealing and uninviting. By simply bringing the furniture into the room, off the walls, the entire room changes its look. The layout has to reflect how the room will be used. The furniture has to allow flow. Also, there has to be balance in your furniture placement also. A redesign consult for as little as one hour can apply these very important changes to ensure a room feels more warm and inviting.

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